A team of designers, material scientists, industrial chemists, master craftsmen, digital fabricators, and innovative explorers.

A design-based fabrication company, specializing in concrete and ultra high performance concrete (UHP C), with over 25 years of complex casting experience and architectural design. Fine Concrete is one of a select group of firms in the United States holding a sub-license to design and fabricate with Ductal®.

This innovative material produces concrete elements that are up to 10 times stronger than conventional concrete. The UHP C possesses unprecedented flexural strength, allowing for finer, thinner, lighter and more elegant designs. The chemistry is cutting edge while still embracing the natural qualities of concrete.

The studio is focused on landscape elements, furniture and architectural spaces through the design and fabrication of custom commissions. The design practice is engaged in construction and fabrication projects for
residential, institutional and commercial applications --from urban site furniture to surfaces, screen walls and exterior building elements.

Fine Concrete is a visionary design studio harnessing the potential of Ductal®, a patented Ultra High Performance Concrete, exploring new technologies in fabrication for production oriented architectural elements and urban furniture.