Fine Art

Apparitions: Alexander Kitchin

Apparitions is an ongoing series of concrete “paintings” exploring spaces and landscapes of experiences, emotions and memories. Each piece starts as a material, and then provides a mental space into which I meander, recollect and fantasize. The spaces discovered through the molten process of the material are ones that are highly personal, but meant to ignite unique experiences of any viewer, defined by their individual filters and desires. The process is a technical and precise one, tailored to encouraging the material to react and offer its own influence – so the work is largely about establishing the intention, controlling the process and embracing the unknown. The satisfaction of the making is the experience of exploring an unfamiliar terrain – a dérive, in a way. The abstractions and landscapes of the imagination are captured in concrete, dictating an uninterrupted and finite expedition. The exposure and path are then set aside, while the material takes over, curing and imprinting in ways that are revealed days or weeks later as the armature is removed and the image released. The impression continues to set and transform over time, and that script is one I enjoy watching, as I have established the parameters and influences, but not the evolution or the inhabitation by others.