Our design mix has a super refined finish straight out of the mold, but all cast pieces are finished according to the needs of the project. A diamond-impregnated wet polishing system is used on most castings to even out any
surface variations and leaves a light sand finish that will stand up to natural weathering and aging. For other applications, we acid wash to etch the concrete or sandblast to provide differing degrees of texture. Any inlaid
materials are honed and edges are eased for smoothness. Ductal® accepts an extremely fineness of intricate detail if lettering is specified, as the smallest aggregate is less than 500 microns. The final step is to clean and seal the casting. Fine Concrete has researched and has acquired a specially formulated sealer that penetrates the concrete to chemically bond to the matrix. It is not a topical sealer, so it needs no further application. This formulation is hydrophobic and easily cleanable. An anti-graffiti sealer can also be specified for high traffic areas.