Fine Concrete Studio is pleased to offer a select portfolio of Ultra High Performance Concrete furniture for the landscape environment. Our product line includes both individual elements as well as modular components. Specifications and dimensions are detailed within each product page. We are also available to discuss, design, strategize or price products or design elements to suit individual custom landscape projects.

Production Elements:

Our two base colors, white and cool gray, represent the natural pigmentation of the UHPC. Our standard palette of colors incorporate added pigments that are integral and uniform throughout the casting. Custom colors are identified with a unique code to ensure repetition and precise formulation. 

Standard finish options are satin polish and light sandblast. Other finishes include acid wash, heavy sandblast, and high polish. Surfaces are sealed with a specially formulated hydrophobic sealer, which repels stains and sheds water in an outdoor environment. 


All production line elements can be ordered directly through our website Pricing is dependent on quantities and minimum casting orders and are quoted in US dollars. Please complete the order form or contact us at Credit cards, wire transfers and checks are accepted. Freight is quoted at time of booking. 

We look forward to designing and fabricating a unique environment in Ultra High Performance Concrete.