Concrete Countertops: Fine Concrete / by NIcole Sherman

These images are a small collection of the different aspects of our designs for the kitchen – infinite varieties of color, finish and thickness, integral sinks, drainboards and trivets. Together they indicate the many possibilities of concrete, but they represent a fraction of our overall work. Also part of the fun, is that new ideas, and the forms those ideas take, are limitless. As a material, concrete actually does not have any form of its own – it defies the modernist rules of “letting the material be what it wants to be”, it is fluid and amorphous.  Its only inherent structural form is the shadow of what was before and the process it took to build it.  So, concrete is a reflection. Without an inherent form, concrete can be anything. We ask, how can it be a catalyst for our desire?

We have been designing with the material for over 18 years and come to the process as architects and artisans, re-envisioning the material in each project we create. We have a variety of mix designs, including the cutting edge, high design-oriented UHPC – the ultra high performance concrete.

All of our mixes yield concrete that it is extremely strong and durable, has a super fine finish, is renewable and has a low environmental impact. The forms the concrete takes can often be repeated, but still each time are unique. And so, now we ask you “what do you want it to be?”