We are complex mold makers, fabricating wood or fiberglass molds by hand or with a CNC router.  For high production line pieces, we fabricate welded steel molds or cast high-density rubber master molds. We are artists and craftsman in the shop or on the computer. For prototyping designs, we can produce 3-D prints of 3 dimensional pieces or one-to-one scale models in steel, wood or high-density foam.


We have a specialized palette of integral pigments that are cast within the concrete. We have an extensive library of custom color samples keyed to formulas for repetitive and precise fabrication. All pigments are color-fast to withstand environmental conditions.


Our proprietary casting method is precisely followed during the mixing and pouring sequence. Depending on the mix design and integral color, we batch and test to assure consistency and performance capabilities.


We have a craftsman’s eye for fine finish. The degree of polish depends on the application or needs of the project.  Diamond-impregnated wet polishing systems achieve a super smooth finish and sandblasting yields differing surface textures. Glass or other aggregates are honed, metals or other materials are inlaid, or we emboss the surface of the concrete with intricate detail. Sealers are formulated for durability.