We are collaborators

We are a group of designers, trained as architects with over 25 years of experience in the field. We approach every project as a creative endeavor.

Our reverse-funnel thinking allows us to explore perspectives and influences before detailing the best design and process for a specific project.

Our focus is on site-specific and user-oriented products and systems.

We have an award winning portfolio and international recognition as insightful, sensitive and tactile designers of unique forms and spaces.

material analysis

We are research oriented

As material experts, working exclusively in precast concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete, we begin our design thinking with the material, and design to its inherent characteristics.

We have developed several mix designs over our many years of casting and have proprietary formulas tested and engineered for differing applications. This approach produces the most efficient and aesthetically coherent designs.

We encourage early collaboration on a client’s design to fully tap this insight. We can start with a client’s initial concept, or fully developed drawings and specifications.


We are visionary

Experienced in design, construction, fabrication and installation. One of our primary assets is our knowledge of complex forms and unique design strategies.

We have the ability to think through a design from concept to occupation. We do this with a real-world approach and emphasis on efficiency, sustainability, and durability.

We have a team of structural engineers with a hands-on knowledge of the latest concrete material advances to take best advantage of material performance capabilities. We engineer each piece for the project requirements and for an unprecedented life expectancy.

project management

We are experienced

Scheduling and budget are important dimensions of each project. We deliver high quality elements on time and within budget.

• estimating with 60 day quote commitments

• analysis of weights and dimensions

• strategizing on options of fabrication technologies

• collaboration with structural engineer team

• production of detailed shop drawings for fabrication

• coordination of assembly of all components

• scheduling of shop fabrication to meet deadlines

• work with subcontractors to ensure smooth delivery

• install or coordinate install logistics